Case Study: What Effect Do Better Visuals Have on Booking Conversion?


Resort Homes Florida recently updated the content on their brand website and on with higher quality photos. This resulted in higher online conversion (more bookings for their vacation rental properties.) After starting with 20 photos with an average size of 800×600, they added 50 photos with an average size of 4000×3000. This resulted in a 136% increase in sales volume due to increased booking conversion.


Resort Homes Florida is a vacation rental company that specializes in luxury properties near Disney World in Orlando, Florida. These properties consist of houses, condos and resort townhomes that are mostly rented by families with children visiting Disney and Universal; and business travelers visiting the Orange County Convention Center. About 70% of their bookings for these various properties come from OTA listings (including and 30% are booked direct.

The Goal

By upgrading their visuals online, Resort Homes Florida hoped to see an increase in conversions from lookers to bookers on their site as well as their listings on The goal was to see an increase in reservations from July 2016 to August 2016 proving the value of high quality visuals.

The Approach

Resort Homes Florida recently had new photos shot by a professional photographer of 25 vacation homes, condos and resort townhomes. Since a large quantity of professionally-taken, large, relevantly tagged images help to convert consumers online, these images were used on their brand website and on We then examined 25 properties from July 2016 to August 2016 and compared their visuals to find what effect better visuals has on booking conversion.


Of the 25 properties examined, there was an average of 20 photos representing each property, with an average size of 800×600. After adding 50 photos with an average size of 4000×3000, sales volume increased by 136% from July 2016 to August 2016. This shows what significant effect visuals have on booking conversion for your property.

Click here for the PDF of this case study.

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