Visuals are powerful. Besides providing consumers with an in depth look inside a hotel property, they can inspire us to book a vacation or convince us to book one property over another. Did you know that visuals are present throughout every stage of travel?  Utilize your visuals throughout each stage to get more bookings.


The dreaming stage plants the seed that consumers need to take a trip. By capturing consumers in this stage, hotels are showing consumers that their dream vacation is a click away. If your hotel’s images are high quality and up to date, consumers will remember your hotel’s visuals when it’s time to plan a trip.

  • 50% of travelers love to dream about their next vacation (Google)


When it’s time to plan a trip, consumers visit at least 20 different websites before booking. Let your visuals give you the extra edge. If your property has spectacular amenities, show them! Showing consumers a detailed view of your property can set you apart from other hotels. Sell your hotel visually!

  • “85% of travelers rely on the online space to plan travel.” (Google)


Here’s a scenario, a consumer is booking a room and they are deciding between you and a competitor. Your visuals can make the difference between a booking and an empty room. Are your visuals engaging? Do they appeal to the consumer? Are they high quality? Are you providing at least 20 images of your property?  Are you providing 360 tours and videos? Use your visuals to get that booking! 

  • “The internet is the leading source prompting travelers to book.” (Google)


The consumer booked a weekend at your hotel, and they love it! They’re taking poolside selfies as well as pictures of the restaurant’s cuisine. They are capturing every moment which is vital in the next stage.

  • “Travelers expect a more informed and collaborative travel experience, driven especially by the growing functionality of mobile devices.” (Google)


Consumers will be sharing their experience of your hotel through social media and review sites. This is a great opportunity for more consumers to see your hotel. These consumers are more likely to book a room when your hotel is reviewed by someone they know and trust.

  • Travelers are sharing more about their own trips, leading to more online content that will inspire others to dream.” (Google)

Visuals provide more than just an inside look into your hotel. Visuals promote, inspire, and convince consumers that your hotel property is right for them. Let your visuals do the talking.

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