When it comes to researching, planning and booking travel, a positive user experience (UX) is crucial in order to be competitive. Consumers’ perceptions, emotions and behaviors while interacting with your website or app will often make or break their decision to purchase. Digital user experience agency, Sigma, published a report that touches on the different factors that affect UX. This is the criteria they used to determine customer experience which can be utilized by travel marketers to assess their site or app:

• General usability

How information is presented, how easy it is to understand, placement of features and ease of navigation for users with differing skills and abilities all influence UX. It should be clear what the website has to offer while maintaining consistency across pages.

• Usability when searching

Users should be able to easily search your site. This includes: filtering options, if the site remembers recent searches, ease of selecting or modifying travel dates and availability of customer ratings for users.

• Multi device experience

Consumers want to be able to access information and make purchases across multiple devices – desktop, mobile phone, tablet or wearable technology. Your website should feature an adaptive or responsive layout in order to be optimized across devices. Also, offering a mobile app can also enhance UX for your brand.

• Booking process

A user-friendly booking process is necessary to keep consumers from abandoning your site. Elements like a progress bar and clear prices, add-ons and forms can improve your UX. Also, consumers must feel that the process is secure.

• Accessibility

To further expand on the general usability of your site, accessibility for different types of users is important for UX. Travel marketers should be sure that any barriers that prevent interaction with their site are removed. The study mentions that in most of the websites they tested, it was obvious that partially-sighted users were considered in the design process. This refers to color contrasts and text size/boldness.

These factors will have a direct impact on your company’s online conversion and should be strongly considered when designing or updating your website or app.

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