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7 Stats on Metasearch and Its Role in Hotel Marketing

Metasearch has seen tremendous growth in the last year and will continue to play a pivotal role in hotel marketing in 2018. Travel advertising company, Koddi, recently did a survey involving digital marketers from a variety of different types of travel companies. Here are some interesting statistics they have released regarding travel metasearch: 1. Marketers … Continue reading 7 Stats on Metasearch and Its Role in Hotel Marketing

How to Win Back Bookings from OTAs

Hotels across the world are looking to reduce their dependence on OTAs and get coveted direct bookings from travelers. While it is beneficial for hotels to use OTAs and not cut them out entirely, there are a few things they can consider in order to boost direct bookings. • Retain guests that booked your hotel … Continue reading How to Win Back Bookings from OTAs

Travel Trends for 2018

As 2018 approaches, travel marketers must consider what will shape consumer travel decisions in order to properly prepare and be as successful as possible. has combined customer insights from over 128 million guest reviews with research from 19,000 travelers from 26 countries worldwide to formulate travel predictions for the upcoming year. Here is a … Continue reading Travel Trends for 2018