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facebook for hotels

Facebook for Hotels

Over recent years, social media has become one of the most prominent channels consumers use to research travel. This requires hotels to have a robust presence across popular social platforms, especially a marketing plan for using Facebook for hotels. Although Facebook’s low organic reach requires brands to essentially “pay to play” for their content to … Continue reading Facebook for Hotels

Don’t we all want great hotel customer service?

Today I was trying to think about the last time I had good customer service… It took me a while to recall something worth remembering. Now that I think about it, I even remember finding myself surprised whenever I did get outstanding customer service. As if it were an unusual thing nowadays. Sadly, it is. I … Continue reading Don’t we all want great hotel customer service?

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5 Thanksgiving Travel Stats for 2018

Thanksgiving Travel 2018 We’ve reached that time of year where holiday travel is everyone’s minds (or at least those within the travel and hospitality industry.) The Thanksgiving holiday travel period for 2018 is defined as Thursday, November 15 through Sunday, November 25. Take a look at these interesting Thanksgiving travel statistics. 1. 50.9 million Americans … Continue reading 5 Thanksgiving Travel Stats for 2018

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3 Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels

In order to stand out against large hotel groups, independent hotels need to market themselves in such a way that leverages their uniqueness and entices travelers to book. This requires them to understand their target audience and appeal them in numerous ways. Here are 3 main marketing tips for Independent hotels.  Be sure to have … Continue reading 3 Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels