User generated content has impacted the way consumers research and book travel. Content such as photos, blogs, reviews and videos have proven to be extremely influential in the booking process. UGC can inspire consumers where to book their next trip, makes users more confident in their booking choices or convince travelers to book elsewhere. So why should your brand work with user generated content?


1) Reassures consumers  
When consumers are looking to book, they are looking for reassurance that their booking at the right hotel. Content such as reviews and photos will make consumers more confident in their choices. Photos that are out of date and inaccurate will disappoint guests and affect your bookings. If you receive a negative review, use it as an opportunity to supply excellent customer service, whatever you do DON’T DELETE BAD REVIEWS.


2) Brand Exposure 
Consumers love to share photos, videos and reviews of their vacations. Keep your guests happy, because word of mouth will have consumers booking with your competitors. Going the extra mile and personalizing their stay will leave guests happy. 73% of Millennials post to social media at least once a day when traveling (Chase Card Services). Guests will share their experience with friends and family via social media and word of mouth (which inspires their dream stage of travel) in addition to increasing brand loyalty.


3) Better engagement 
Reviews and photos are known to increase engagement. The higher the engagement on your page, the more likely consumers will book at your hotel. Encourage guests to share their opinions of their stay and provide numerous photos of your property. “Properties with as little as 11 or more reviews see a 26% increase in engagement compared to those with ten of fewer. Those with 50 or more reviews see a 27% jump.” (TripAdvisor).


User generated content is here to stay, use this content to your advantage. With 72% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations (SearchEngineLand), it’s important to work with reviews and visual content provided by guests. If a guest has a negative experience, use it as a learning experience and provide excellent customer service. Encourage contests or hashtags when guests are sharing photos of your property. Share their content to expand your brand exposure and secure brand loyalty.

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