Now that spring is will be here soon, what better time to “spring clean” your hotel marketing efforts? To kick off your hotel marketing spring cleaning, ensuring these three items are taken care of is a a great place to start. Plus, they can help to generate more bookings online.

1. Audit your visuals across the web.

First of all, be sure that any prior seasonal content (from winter or the holidays) has been removed.  For that reason you will want to add the appropriate content for the season to be displayed on your site and on the distribution channels.

2. Audit your social media platforms.

Furthermore, look through the social networks your hotel uses and make sure all the information being displayed is still accurate and relevant. Also, try to determine which networks are no longer appropriate or do not generate engagement or bookings. Consider getting rid of these networks and focus on what is working. It’s important to your hotel marketing that you are active on the social platforms that your guests are active on and not to spread yourself too thin across too many.

3. Focus on optimizing your site speed for mobile.

Finally, now that Google is even more-so prioritizing mobile-friendly sites, optimizing your site speed for mobile devices will prove to be important in months approaching. Most noteworthy, according to Google’s current guidelines, all initial page elements should load in five seconds or less and subsequent pages should load in two seconds or less.

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