Hotel chatbots are gaining popularity as they serve a number of purposes and simplify processes for both the hotel and guest. If you are considering or are on the fence about implementing a chatbot on your website, read further to learn about how they can benefit your hotel:

Added Customer Service

Chatbots allow hotels to interact with guests throughout all points of their trip. This personalized interaction will increase guest satisfaction and loyalty while cutting down on calls to your front desk. In many cases, the chatbot will be able to address the question/complaint without the need for human intervention.

Automated Check-ins/outs

Using a chatbot can eliminate a guest’s need to wait in line to check in or out of your hotel. Although this isn’t always necessarily an issue, this option can be extremely desirable to both hotel guests and staff during high-volume times of year.

Enhanced Website Experience

If a user is on your hotel website and has questions they want answered before booking, they can find the answer right then and there. Questions answered about the property and/or booking process can decrease abandoned reservations and increase conversions!

Opportunity to Gather Data

Chatbot conversations with your guests can draw coveted data that aids in personalizing their experience. As we know, guests today are looking for experiences tailored to them!

As chatbot technology advances, more and more will be possible. Hotels can save time and money by implementing chatbots on their websites while optimizing their guests’ experience at all stages of their trip.

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