Personalization is a becoming a must in online travel marketing. Consumers are beginning to expect a personalized experience and are more likely to book based off of customized offerings. In order to accurately customize your marketing by consumer, you need to collect data to learn about them and their wants/needs. These are a few types of data to get you started in creating these traveler personas:

1. Contact Information

First and foremost, the consumers name, phone number, email address and mailing address is necessary data that should be collected.

2. Demographics

Knowing consumers’ age, sex, marital status and other similar information can aid in personalizing your marketing. Someone traveling with children will be looking for something different than someone traveling solo or with a group of friends.

3. Interests

Knowing what the traveler is interested in will also help you to tailor your marketing efforts. For example, if someone loves wine, you’d be best off giving them an offer for somewhere that they can taste the local wines. Likewise, if someone loves nature, you should promote the hiking trails near your property or other similar activities that will pique their interest.

4. Past Trips

Knowing where a consumer has traveled to in the past is a great indicator of what they may be looking for in an upcoming trip. Someone who typically travels for business probably isn’t looking to book an excursion.

5. Feedback

Using feedback from past surveys or reviews is also a great way to find out what guests are looking for. Taking this information and then applying it to your offerings will make the guests feel that the hotel truly cares about creating a positive experience.

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