Reaching consumers on their mobile device is undoubtedly a necessity when marketing your brand. Among the myriad of apps that can be utilized when trying influence travelers, Snapchat is rapidly rising in popularity. From May 2015 to January 2016, Snapchat’s daily video views have grown 350% (2 billion in May 2015 and 7 billion in early January 2015.) Additionally, millennials make up seven out of 10 Snapchat users (eMarketer.) If you are looking to incorporate Snapchat into your hotel marketing strategy, check out these tips on how it can be used to engage consumers:

1. Tease a product or service. Snapchat videos can be a maximum of ten seconds long. Use this to give your followers a preview of a new restaurant opening in your hotel or a new suite that will soon be available to book.

2. Utilize the drawing function and emojis. Snapchat allows users to draw over top of their photos and videos in addition to adding text and emojis. This is a great way to make your snaps more fun or add context.

3. Provide geofilters for your property. Geofilters (when available) are often used by people posting snaps. Geofilters are unique, colorful and tell your snap viewers where you are. Whether it be a city, an event or a venue, geofilters are a great branding tool.

4. Hold contests. Get your followers involved by encouraging them to send snaps with the incentive to win something. For example, tell them to submit a funny photo or video (via Snapchat) at a certain location on your property for the chance to win a treatment at your hotel spa.

5. Provide access to events happening at your hotel. If there is a fun or interesting event going on at your hotel, give your followers the chance to experience it.

Snapchat is not only a useful tool when it comes to hotel marketing, it’s fun! As more and more consumers get hooked on this social app, the use of it in travel marketing will continue to rise. Start building your following and producing compelling content to increase bookings and differentiate your hotel.

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