Having a mobile strategy to gain bookings is more important now than ever before. The growth in mobile travel booking can only be expected to continue to increase as more consumers are immersed in mobile sites and apps. The statistics below are an incentive for travel brands to maintain a strong mobile presence and embrace the number of travelers that are booking via mobile.

1. In the past year, conversion rates on mobile travel sites have grown 88% (Think with Google.)

2. On Google.com, mobile queries within the travel category have increased over 50% (Think with Google.)

3. In 2015, 38% of non-branded searches such as “cruises to the Caribbean or hotels in Chicago” came from mobile devices (Think with Google.)

• Year over year, mobile hotel queries are up 49%, flight queries are up 33% (Think with Google.)

Think with Google’s study followed a particular consumer in her travel research path and found that she had 380 web page visits, 34 searches and watched 5 videos – 87% of this took place on mobile.

eMarketer estimated that in 2016, 51.8% of travelers who book trips digitally will do so using a mobile device (up from 43.8% in 2015.)

• Although travel sales booked via mobile are smaller, they will represent 46% of travel sales by 2019 (eMarketer.)

Optimizing your website so that it is responsive is necessary with such a high number of travelers booking via smartphone and tablet. This along with offering apps will position your company in a place to attract and convert the increasing number of travelers researching and booking via mobile.

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