Airbnb Digital Storytelling & Sharing Economy Changed Tourism

Airbnb Digital Storytelling & Sharing Economy Changed Tourism

Thanks to the online community marketplace known as Airbnb, the phenomenon known as “the sharing economy” has impacted the way Americans travel and see the country. Digital storytelling has played a big part in the success of Airbnb as being able to view the different rooms and amenities of a vacation property has helped people make the final decision to book an apartment or home for their vacation The visual language expressed by the photos of the property, as well as pictures of nearby tourist attractions, make travelers feel like they are staying at a place “like home” as opposed to a corporate hotel. The home-sharing niche has grown to the point that, as of 2014, one in four travelers had rented some, or all, of the private dwelling of a person. Airbnb has millions of properties for rent and the ability to effectively store and share images of these properties is made possible by a digital asset management system such as the IcePortal’s DAL.

Visual Language Communicates to our Sharing Economy

The use of visual language communicates vital information in the sharing economy:

  • Studies have shown that 30% of the human brain is engaged with processing visual information compared to 8% for touch and 3% for hearing. Our brains are wired to process the visuals that provide digital storytelling on websites.
  • Words sometimes get lost in the marketing message since the brain processes visual images much faster than text. The ability to browse multiple images, housed and accessed in a digital asset library, makes it easier to provide eye-catching graphics that communicate the benefits of a rental property.
  • The pages that spotlight the various housing choices need to have an accessible tone while also making consumers feel like they are viewing something special. Digital storytelling sets the mood and guides people through a range of feelings and emotions inspired by the visual language of the images.

IcePortal’s Digital Asset Management Tool

IcePortal’s Digital Asset Library provides a central location where digital images can be stored, managed, edited, organized and shared with other users anywhere in the world. The system saves time and effort since all of the digital assets can be found in one location as opposed to being stored on multiple computers. In addition, only authorized users can access and distribute the content. Digital asset management is easy to perform so users can see where the images were sent and who received them once they were distributed. The workflow for projects is streamlined and easy to execute thanks to the “one stop shop” nature of a digital asset management system.

Digital storytelling for sharing economy websites is easier than ever when you contact us about the IcePortal digital asset library.

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