In a short period of time,  unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones have evolved from delivering your favorite Amazon purchases to your front door to creating viral travel videos on YouTube. With drones evolving and becoming available for consumer consumption, how will drones affect the way we travel and are they the future of travel photography?

Drone videos are changing the game because they’re breaking  the limitations of how we take photos and videos. If you want to take a photo with a group of 20 or 200 people, drones can easily capture your surroundings, up to 900 feet in the air. Drones can travel up to 100 mph and capture footage of a hotel destination, nearby attractions or a whole island. What is truly special about drones is that they “unlock the third dimension for camera positioning” said Eric Cheng, DJI’s director of aerial imaging. By unlocking this third dimension, we’re open to a unique view of destinations that make for bucket list worthy content.

Drone videos are a match made in heaven for travel content, how could one not be motivated to book a vacation after watching this video?

Drones are gaining popularity so quickly that consumers have started purchasing their own drones for personal use. While we don’t live in a world where drones are constantly flying around and recording their surroundings, people have been slapped with fines and felonies over the misuse of drones. Preventing future implications, the FAA recently released their proposed drone rules that include a 55 pound weight limit, obtaining an FAA UAS operator certificate and staying out of no fly zones such as national parks (Sorry, the most epic drone video of the Grand Canyon will have to wait).

The future of drone videos look good and if we take a page from Daft Punk, commercial drones will be “harder, better, faster, stronger” in the next few years. Eric Cheng claims that drones will quickly replace the “selfie stick”. My opinion? I say embrace the future of drone photography, but let’s avoid the term “dronie” (a selfie via drone).


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