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How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out from Others Featured on OTA Websites

Online travel agencies have made it remarkably convenient to plan and book your travel. The ease of scoping out multiple properties in one place, the deals offered and the latest technology to ensure a positive user experience have more and more travelers using this type of service. However, all of these different hotel options in […]

How will you Book your Next Travel?

Nowadays the online world had made it easier for us to plan and book travel ourselves. We spend weeks researching, planning and arranging final details to have the vacation of our lifetime. Sometimes things go as you planned them to if you actually had sufficient time to thoroughly plan every aspect of your trip before […]


Videos VS. Virtual Tours

IcePortal helps clients manage and distribute visual content to over 11 million unique visitors a month on 1,000s of travel and local websites around the globe in nine languages. To know more about us visit our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+; visit ICEPortal, or give us a call at (+1)954-893-6778. We would […]


Who Really uses Travel Agents

We know everyone uses the internet to book travel nowadays. Even though travel agents remove the annoying weight of having to plan your own trip and go through thousands of websites to find a nice accommodation, people have become more and more independent when researching and planning their travels. “Only 15 per cent of foreign […]