Social Media as a distribution channel

Social Media as a Distribution Channel

The Ecole hôtelière…
September 19, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Marketing online para a Indústria Hoteleira

Marketing online para a Indústria Hoteleira

A lição número…
September 17, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Mobile must be considered a strong channel in your distribution strategy:

Last week Portál brought some insights about visual and mobile…
September 11, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Plan de Marketing Digital

Créalo o no, todavía hay hoteles por ahí que no piensan que…
September 10, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Why a hotel should invest in marketing

Why do brands such as Chanel invest in their showcase?

September 6, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Digital Marketing Plan

Believe you or not, there are still hotels out there that don’t…
September 4, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Hotel Visuals: Ginger (Video) or Mary Ann (360 Virtual Tours)

When someone asks if they should create video or virtual tours,…
August 28, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

¿Están sus visuales optimizados para los móviles?


¿Están sus visuales optimizados para los móviles?

August 28, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Are your visuals mobile optimized?


Are your visuals mobile optimized?

When visitors…
August 27, 2012/by Patricia Torres

Portál is back with more tips on how to use Twitter for business!

Portál is back with more tips on how to use Twitter for business!

August 24, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Portál trae para usted algunas ideas sobre el uso de Twitter para los negocios:

Nuestros clientes siempre nos están preguntando acerca de…
August 20, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Online marketing for Travel Business

The number one lesson for managers in the travel business is:…
August 17, 2012/by Patricia Torres

Portál brings some ideas on using Twitter for business:

Our clients are always inquiring us about how to engage with…
August 14, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Turismo en Medios Digitales

No hay manera de negarlo: el mundo está cambiando rápidamente…
August 8, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Digital Content and Traveling


There is no way to deny it: The world is rapidly changing…
August 7, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Christian Sharing Center Virtual Tours

We would like to congratulate the outstanding team at the Christian…
June 6, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Perception vs. Reality

Repost of 2010 topic that continues to be relevant
The Landscape…
May 14, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Written by Nicholas Blasi, Distribution Channel Manager at IcePortal

April 30, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Travel Agencies Gain Global Video and Photography with Virtuoso and IcePortal Partnership

Leading luxury travel agency network, Virtuoso®, and IcePortal…
March 1, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

For Great 360 Images, Bracket and Blend

Post originally featured on Black Star Photography Agency,…
February 22, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Happy Valentines Day!

From all of us at IcePortal we hope your Valentines Day…
February 14, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Ginger or Mary Ann – Video or Virtual Tours

Original Article by Henry Woodman, President of IcePortal

February 1, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

What is Best for Travel Sites – Video or Virtual Tours

NB: This is a guest article by Henry Woodman, president…
February 1, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo

Your Content Everywhere – Intro to ICE

The world of travel distribution is a complicated landscape,…
January 25, 2012/by Sabrina Lugo