Boutique Hotels are Making a Comeback with Visual Experience

Boutique Hotels are Making a Comeback with Visual Experience

Boutique hotels are making a comeback as guests enjoy their design, style and overall visual experience. One of the biggest aspects of the boutique hotel experience is the fact that the hotel caters to its guests with visual content that provides an unexpected and authentic experience related to their interests. The graphics are designed to engage and enhance the experience of the guests staying at the boutique hotel. The visual experience is often described as being intimate and unconventional as opposed to those found in big chain hotels. Boutique hotel visuals transport guests to a world of personalized service and preferential treatment.

Visual Content Shows Hotel’s Unique Style & Experiences

Hotel visuals showcase the unique style and experiences of the hotel in many ways:

  • The hotel visual experience is designed to reflect a certain time, place or taste level that makes guests feel like they are getting a one-of-a-kind hotel experience thanks to its unique design.
  • Hotel visual content allows guests to show others where they are staying on vacation. Free hotel marketing is provided by guests that share their boutique hotel experience through content on social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.
  • The visual content is not limited to the actual physical hotel. Visual asset management provides a wealth of images that can be shared on the hotel website to entice guests to learn more about the hotel and book a vacation at the property.

IcePortal’s CMS For Visual Asset Management

One of the methods to keeping the visual content of a boutique hotel updated and unique at the same time is having easy access to a visual asset management database. The IcePortal content management system (CMS) allows authorized users to pick and choose approved images that enhance the visual experience of a guest during their stay at a boutique hotel. Our IcePortal CMS also allows users to edit, categorize, tag and organize any and all visual assets to make it easier for authorized users to find the images they need at any given time. The images can even be tracked by the people sending them so they will know where the images are delivered and how they are used by the person that received the images.

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