Utilizing consumer data in your hotel marketing efforts is a great way to understand your audience and what they are looking for when planning a trip. Taking this data and building consumer personas narrows down what specific things travelers want and need while researching and planning. This then allows travel marketers to effectively target these consumers and therefore increases the probability that they will convert.

Although travel brands are aware that using consumer data can propel their marketing, many of them are still unsure of how to use it. Sabre published a report, The Revolution To Stay Relevant, that provides a closer look at consumer data in the travel industry. Here are a few of the findings regarding which data is the most worthwhile:

• 74 percent of marketers conduct customer surveys

• 54 percent use customer opinions, attitudes and sentiment

• 35 percent consider social media feedback

• 74 percent use demographics data

• 64 percent analyze previous customer transactions

• 19 percent use customer mobile device data

These numbers show us that a good amount of travel companies are gathering data to further their marketing efforts, however, these issues still remain:

• 95 percent of data within organizations remains untapped

• 39 percent of marketers believe data is collected too infrequently or not in real-time

• 39 percent of marketers say they cannot turn their data into actionable insights

• 26 percent of organizations to not use real-time on-site behavior to personalize

• 40 percent of organizations do not target any customer segments

• 28 percent of marketers are unaware of which customers to focus on

These statistics show us that travel marketers have not completely figured out the best ways to use this data. Even so, new ideas and developments in the industry can put it to good use and therefore increase booking conversion and engagement.

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