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We already know that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are a great way to reach your desired audience and drive bookings. Although different from other social channels, most don’t realize that you can drive bookings via LinkedIn. It allows users to connect with other professionals and create business networks.  This makes it an ideal platform to reach a different audience than that of other social channels. Here are a few ways hotel marketers can increase their reach and drive bookings via LinkedIn:


Posting relevant, branded content on your property’s LinkedIn page can build credibility and help your hotel stand out in the minds of consumers. Posting in relevant groups can also build brand awareness. This can include travel groups, hospitality groups, applicable local groups and more.

Communication with travelers

Your company’s LinkedIn page should also be used to relay information to guests/potential guests. This can include information about upcoming events or promotions.

Guest engagement

Responding to posts and comments from followers goes a long way in building rapport with your guests. Be sure to monitor your notifications and respond in a timely manner, especially when someone has a complaint.

Connect with relevant users

Using your LinkedIn page to network with people who can bring something to the table can be extremely beneficial. For example, connecting with meeting and event planners can benefit your hotel down the line as these connections can potentially generate business.

Be sure to encourage guests to follow your hotel’s LinkedIn page by posting links to it on your website and other social media pages, linking it to email signatures of employees and including it in your marketing material.

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