How to Earn Last Minute Bookings

By Jeff Buskey

Regardless of how busy or popular any hotel is, there will always be times where your property is not fully booked. Appealing to travelers who are booking last minute is a great way to fill up rooms that otherwise would sit empty. These tips can help you convert last minute lookers to bookers.

Give a special incentive.

Offering a free breakfast or bottle of champagne for the guests’ room can entice them to choose your property over another.

Closely monitor all communication channels.

Be sure that all avenues of communication with potential guests are being monitored so that inquiries can be responded to as soon as possible. This includes live chats on your website, Facebook Messenger and any other channels that guests may use to contact you. This will ensure you don’t miss any opportunities to earn a last minute booking.

Invite past guests back and offer a deal.

Sending an email to guests who have previously stayed at your hotel and offering them a discounted stay if they’d be able to come on short notice can help to fill rooms last minute. Or, offering a free service at your hotel’s spa or something of the like can entice travelers to take advantage of your offer and book a room. The money that you lose by offering the deal can be made up down the line as a result of additional rooms being filled.

These ideas in conjunction with maintaining competitive rates and optimized listings will help you to earn those coveted last-minute bookings and gain revenue that you otherwise would not have.

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