Hotel Image Distribution is Critical for Protecting Your Brand

Protect Your Hotel Brand Image with IcePortals CMS

The brand that a business projects might be the most important asset that the company possesses. The brand gives the image that the company wants to convey, and this includes any images of the hotel. The first step towards protecting your brand image is using IcePortals CMS. Our content management system includes an image distribution system that contains pre-approved photos that your hotel feels best showcases the property and the many amenities it has to offer. Plus, the CMS includes visual asset management capabilities that allow you to determine who has access to the images as well as when, and where, they can be shared with others.

Hotel and Resorts use Global Image Distribution System

There are a number of reasons hotels and resorts use a global image distributions system:

  • They allow hotels to maintain control over the visual asset management of the image library. The hotel is able to assign permission to authorized users and only they can access the images.
  • The image distribution system is cloud-based which means it can be easily accessed anywhere in the world at any time of the day. No more waiting for employees that work 8-5 to find and send images.
  • All digital image assets can be stored and tracked which makes it easier to follow the workflow and know which person handled the visual content at any point in the process.

Visual Asset Management Provides OTA with Quality Images

IcePortals CMS provides storage as well as efficient organization of quality images for online travel agencies (OTA) such as Expedia or Priceline. OTAs require multiple images of hotels which means each image needs to reflect their brand message. Some of the photos might be hotel interior shots, images of the pool or restaurant or the exterior of the building. No matter what type of photo is needed to showcase the hotel, the visual asset management capabilities of the CMS means the right photos can be found at the right time, in the right place, and sent to the right people using the image distribution system.

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