Hotel Reputation is Everything and So is your Visual Content

Hotel Reputation is Everything and So is your Visual Content

Your hotel reputation goes hand in hand with your visual content. The purpose of visual content is more than simply getting the attention of potential guests. It’s also about appealing to the traveler on an emotional level and influencing a booking decision. The visual content you present online helps to paint a clear picture about the kind of guest experience that travelers can expect to enjoy when they book a room at your hotel. The images showcase the lobby, guest amenities and rooms they will experience during their stay with you. Digital asset management allows you to store and organize thousands of images in one central location. The ability to share these images with authorized users means you can customize and control visual content that enhances your reputation and makes you top of mind to guests.

Why Bad Visual Content Leads to a Bad Reputation

Bad visual content creates a bad reputation for your hotel for many reasons:

  • Visual content chosen by hotel management brands the business. Content that is too vague or neglects to highlight the services and amenities offered by the hotel leads some guests to believe the hotel does not have their satisfaction in mind.
  • As the quality of online hotel photos increases, the amount of positive feelings (and positive reviews) increases. On the other hand, photos that do not show the hotel in a positive light can lead to bad feelings and a bad reputation.
  • Edit the images to sharpen blurry images and make the images easier to see. Guests might feel like you have something to hide if your images are dark or have filters that impact the final image.

Using ICE Portal CMS makes Managing Your Content Easier

ICE Portal CMS allows photo content delivery to thousands of channels which makes content management easier for nationwide hotels. The system is also an effective content delivery solution for smaller chains as well. Our image curation system maps image meta-tags to corresponding tags on all major search engines and online travel sites so users of the system can be certain the visuals are accurately maintained everywhere they are posted online. Our CMS even provides a quality score from 0-100 (based on image size, category and quantity) so users have a better insight into how to improve their visuals for more bookings and a higher page ranking.

Use compelling visual content to ensure your excellent hotel reputation by contacting our team today about ICE Portal’s CMS.

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