There are numerous moving parts and points of attribution when it comes to a traveler’s decision to book a hotel. Advertising campaigns, reviews, past experience, friends, family, social media and a plethora of other factors can influence the choice. Hotel visuals is considered one of the most important factors in the purchase process. To be clear, high quality visuals is a necessity in such a competitive space. The following points below should help the hotelier determine what high quality means and how to increase their booking conversions:

Having large, high resolution images will prompt your audience to spend more time checking out your property. Small images that are hard to see will not hold consumers’ attention and are much less likely to result in booking. In fact, larger images increased sales by 9.46% in a study done by Visual Web Optimizer. As you also may have noticed, distribution channels frequently change their minimum size requirements and will reject images that are too small.

Captions allow hoteliers to tell a story about the image they are displaying. Captions, on average, are read 300% more than body copy (Kissmetrics.) Captions should be accurate and representative of the visual. Hoteliers should utilize this space to capture travelers’ interests – “Calypso Poolside Bar and Grill, serving authentic Caribbean cuisine” sounds more interesting than “Restaurant,” doesn’t it?

The more visuals you have, the better. According to TripAdvisor, travelers are 45% more engaged with listings that have 30 or more photos than properties that have 10 or less. If someone is interested in booking a stay at your hotel, they’ll want to see as much as possible that you have to offer. Sell them with your stunning photos, videos and virtual tours!

Using a CMS that allows for multiple languages is extremely beneficial, for obvious reasons. Making it easy for people from a wide scope of places to find and learn about your property will increase your number of bookings.

Utilizing specific tags (also known as meta-tags or metadata) on your visuals will allow them to be seen in travelers’ personalized search results. Seventy-four percent of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests (Janrain). For example, if the user has a history of browsing for family-related topics, it would not make sense to show them photos of your hotel’s nightclub. Tagging the photos accordingly will put the right photos in front of the right people.

An image or video’s metadata is what helps people to find specific things they are looking for when searching for an accommodation. These details are important because it may determine whether or not someone finds your property in their search.

Assigning the proper categories to your images will make them more visible to consumers researching your property. If someone is interested in looking at a hotel’s pool, categorizing such images will aid them in their search. Adding contextual tags, mentioned above, will also help when delivering tailored or personalized galleries to specific personas.

It is important to upload the recommended file types in order to have your visuals shown at the highest quality. According to MDG Advertising, clear, detailed images are deemed to be very important by 67% of consumers.

Using a CMS that manages and delivers your visuals to the various distribution channels is the most effective way to get the most out of your photos and videos. In addition to making your property more visible and appealing to travelers, having high quality visuals will also improve your content score from the OTAs and therefore increase your booking conversion.

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