Employing user-generated content is a fantastic way to engage consumers and promote your brand. A study done by Bazaarvoice revealed that 51% of American consumers trust user generated content over content produced by a company (websites, articles etc.) This number proves it can be advantageous to leverage this user generated content and use it as a means of promoting your property and gaining the trust of consumers. The following tips will guide you in applying this content to your hotel internet marketing strategy and give you some ideas on how to make the most of it.

The first step is to encourage people to generate this content. Create opportunities for people to take photos and videos. Post/tweet fun questions for people to answer and promote clever hashtags so that their content will be seen by others. Using the same hashtags will create a following and continue to raise awareness of your property.

Taking this a step further, contests are a great way to encourage user generated content. Offering a free dinner at your hotel’s restaurant or a free drink at the bar for the best photo posted on Instagram in a given contest (for example) will entice guests to post about your property and raise awareness amongst others interested. Again, be sure to promote hashtags!

Reposting user generated content is also an excellent way to promote your property. Consumers like feeling engaged by a brand and like seeing their content on company pages. Retweeting an interesting guest tweet or reposting a fun video on Vine or Instagram will help to gain the trust of prospective guests. This is also true for reviews. If someone writes a rave review of your hotel, share it via social media or on your website!

Leveraging user generated content is a successful hospitality marketing trend that should be taken advantage of. Encouraging your guests (and potential guests) to create content for your hotel is fun for them and can aid your branding/marketing efforts in an enormous way. Getting people involved will give you valuable material to influence guests to stay again at your hotel and inspire new guests to book.

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