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As more travelers are booking on mobile devices, more hotel brands are creating apps to simplify the booking process. Aside from booking hotel rooms, apps can be used for a variety of other reasons.  Mainly, to help enhance the guest experience. Implementing additional features is a good way to build brand loyalty and ensure a positive guest experience from before their stay to after. Here are a few ideas for extra features on how to expand on your hotel mobile app.

Exclusive Offers

First of all, special rates and discounts available within your app will encourage travelers to book direct through the app. Additionally, any promotions with partner companies (like local attractions or restaurants) can be made available exclusively through your app. This benefits your partner AND your guests.

Social Media Feed

An available feed from your social media pages within your app can increase the chances that guests using the hotel mobile app will engage with or share your content.


Likewise, listing your amenities within your app and making this available before someone books can help to showcase what makes your hotel special.

Interactive Map of Destination

Similarily, offering an interactive map of the city the traveler is visiting can build brand loyalty and increase the chances that the traveler will stay within your app. This map can include restaurants, attractions, popular landmarks and more.

Contact with Hotel

Certainly, making important contact information available within your hotel can be extremely beneficial to guests. Taking it a step further can include a section to request room service, make a restaurant reservation or book an activity with the concierge.

Hotel Mobil App Feedback

Once your guests check out, you can make a section available for them to leave feedback for your property and employees. This tells your guests that you value their opinion and also helps you to improve your service.

Relevant additional features can vary by property, use your imagination! Hotels can also draw inspiration from other hotel mobile apps or ask guests what else they’d like to see while using your hotel mobile app.

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