How to Lose Customers with Vacation Rental and Hotel Photos

The more photos you have the better, right? That’s not always the case. In fact, if you post more photos just for the sake of having more photos, you could actually be losing customers! The problem lies within the OTAs. See, when you upload your photos directly to them, the OTA won’t always use the best option for your hotel. Since they function as a database, they’ll pull whatever they can to fill the need.

Unfortunately, that often comes at the cost of outdated, deleted, and cropped photos that don’t exactly shine the right light on your hotel. Because of this, potential guests could get an unfavorable impression of your hotel based on one of these photos. What could have been a guest turns into a conversion for another hotel. Fortunately, Digital Asset Library solves all of those problems.

Digit Asset Library Benefits for Hotel Marketing

With the IcePortal Digital Asset Library, you can update your photos to only reflect what you want your guests to see. That also means that you can optimize your visuals for 3rd party channels such as OTAs. You won’t have to worry about cropped pictures that cut out important details, processed photos that significantly lower image quality, or even a guest seeing an image that was deleted years ago. With IcePortal’s Digital Asset Library, you can:

  • Use it as a one-stop shop to store, organize and share every digital asset
  • Save time searching for or recreating lost visuals
  • Retain maximum control with customizable roles and permissions

Visual Asset Management with IcePortal CMS

Once your visuals are optimized with our Digital Asset Library, they are ready for the world to see. Since both our CMS and DAL have the same functionality, navigating between them will become a seamless transition. With IcePortal CMS, you’ll have your visuals delivered to the world’s largest distribution network. You’ll be in front of potential guests all over the world.

You can track your images to see where they are delivered to. You’ll be provided image quality scores and images will be curated with meta-tags. All of this while freeing up hours of not only visual asset management, but manpower as well. Not to mention, without the brand-damaging effects of the old ways, your company can become more profitable just be avoiding costly mistakes.

Visuals DO matter. With the power combo of IcePortal’s DAL and CMS, you’ll always be at the top of your game.

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