No matter how great the accommodations and customer service, most hotels will deal with a negative review every now and then. Some may quickly choose to ignore the review or try to make it go away. However, there is a better way to go about dealing with negative reviews that can actually turn them into something positive.

Upon receiving the review, make it a point to respond as soon as you can. This will show the person who posted it (and others reading it) that your guests’ concerns matter and that you care about resolving the issue.

When responding, thank the guest for their feedback and be polite in understanding where they are coming from. Ask them what you can do to improve. Again, this shows that you care about resolving the problem.

If you feel that the review is warranted, think about what you can do to make it up to this person. This can regain their trust and turn their negative impression into a positive impression.

Last but not least, use the review as constructive criticism. Take what you learned from the person who posted the review and apply it to your hotel. Make sure that this type of review doesn’t come up again from another guest.

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