Have you looked at a hotel photo, and you think it’s nice and all, but it  doesn’t convince you 100%? I’m not just talking about 2-star hotels… I mean every possible hotel.

If you see an image, and it doesn’t evoke any emotion within you, such as throwing your body in that awesome-looking bed, then you most likely won’t book the room.

But how exactly do you trigger people’s emotions through visuals?

First of all, you won’t be able to please everyone with your visuals

Some people might be attracted by seeing actors posing in the pool bar, whilst having a couple of laughs, because it resonates in them as a fun and relaxed time with friends. To others, that kind of scenery seems fake, and manipulated.

In a nutshell, know the audience you are selling to. Analyze the destination you are in, and determine who would want to go there and why. Are they looking for an escape, or an adventure? The way you portray your hotel in relation to this is extremely important in order to target your audience properly.  If you want to target all types of audiences, you will end up with a mix-max of visuals, and your viewers will not understand the concept of your brand, and might not find what they are looking for.

 Perception is everything

Angles have a lot to do when taking shots of your property. Your photos should be taken from a perspective that doesn’t give out the sense of sparseness (such as images taken from far away). Making sure there’s no corner of the room that feels empty also makes a difference. Fill out the spaces with a plant, a painting or a sculpture.

Having close-up shots give a bigger sense of intimacy. Symmetrical objects in the picture also give a feeling of relaxation and structure, whilst asymmetrical can be unsettling for some.

Color and Lighting

I’m sure you know certain colors spark some sort of reaction within our minds unconsciously. Adding reds in a photo can make us feel warmth and excitement, while the blue tones calm us down, and sometimes even make us feel gloomy if used improperly. Make sure there is balance. Notice what your first reaction is when you see the colors of your photos.

Again, the most important part is to primarily know the emotion you want to trigger when you have your audience looking at your pictures. This way, you will be able to cater to their specific visual needs, thus increasing the stickiness of your website, and most likely increasing your overall bookings. Don’t waste your money hiring a photographer to take your pictures if you don’t know what you want out of them!

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