Social media provides numerous opportunities for hotel brands. Hotels that utilize social media increase their brand awareness, improve customer engagement and see a rise in bookings. Some hotels have taken note and are now providing followers the option of booking a hotel room through the popular website, Twitter. Why? It doesn’t hurt that Twitter has 288 million monthly active users, wow!

So what’s the best way to capture the attention of those users? “Get visual,” says John Lee, manager, Brand + Social Marketing, Webtrends, a digital marketing solutions provider. “Photos and videos drive three to four more clicks on Twitter.” Visual content is king in this industry and consumers will flock to your brand if you provide, compelling, high quality, visuals. Twitter is an excellent platform for visual content because it creates more engagement than plan text tweets and you’re able to showoff your guest rooms, amenities and nearby attractions.

For more engagement #hashtag #your #content!  No longer associated with millennials chatting with their friends (#yolo anyone?), hashtags opens you up to a larger world of search. The more searchable your tweets are, the larger your audience will grow. With travel related chats such as #traveltuesday and #expediachat, it’s easier than ever to interact and expand your audience.

Here are a few examples on how to excel on Twitter using visual content:

Hotel Indigo promotes their guest rooms, providing consumers with a sneak peak of their lush digs.


Showcase the location of your property, nothing beats a resort with an ocean view!


Does your hotel have one of a kind entertainment? Highlight it with visuals!Mgm1

Capture the guests’ experience before they walk into the lobby. Provide a poolside view of their vacation.


Show off guests having fun at your resort. Nothing is more fun than a silly  vacation selfiie.


Take followers behind the scenes and shine a light on staff members that support excellent causes.


Highlight activities that guests can look forward to when they visit. Wakeboarding? Yes please!


Are you utilizing your Twitter content?


(Photos via MGM Grand Hotel, Sofitel Miami, Marriott Resorts, Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Loews Hotels, Hotel Indigo)

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