How Vacation Rentals Attract Guests with Visual Storytelling

How Vacation Rentals Attract Guests with Visual Storytelling

The competition to attract guests for vacation rentals is fierce as consumers have a variety of options when picking a destination. Visual storytelling plays a large role in getting guests to choose a particular rental option. Compelling images require more than taking a photo of the bedroom or the front of the building. “Behind the scenes” photos are popular because they highlight the work that goes into the look of the property and branding the rental. Guests are also interested in the area surrounding the property so be sure and share some images of the town and any activities located near the rental property. Take advantage of user-created content for intimate visual storytelling about the vacation rental. Ask previous guests for permission to use photos or videos they made during their stay and also ask them to tag the vacation rental in photos on social media. This content increases the visibility of the property and shows future guests what they will miss if they don’t book a vacation rental through you.

Digital Asset Libraries Help Rental Owners Tell a Story

Images contained in a digital asset library make it easier to tell a vacation rental story:

  • All of the images are in one central location which means no more wasting time looking for visual assets hosted on multiple computers
  • The images are easy to organize and share with authorized users since rental owners are able to assign user access and permissions to view and share the images
  • Custom folders allow for images to be organized by type and marketing category for easy management of the visual storytelling assets
  • Rental owners and management can access a single digital asset or hundreds of images depending on the visual content needs of the property

Use ICE Portal’s Digital Asset Library to Reduce Operating Expenses

ICE Portal’s digital asset library (DAL) gives authorized users access to the visual storytelling assets they need no matter where they are located in the world. The “one stop shop” nature of the portal means all of the assets are in one central location so they are easy to manage, organize and share with authorized users. By customizing multiple folders, digital assets can be organized and specific images can be placed in different folders to make the sharing process even easier among different groups or customers. Our use of Amazon Web Services means no more worries about misplaced assets or back-ups. The digital assets are secured and easily accessed any time of the day or week.

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