How Visual Content Helps Hostels Grab Their Piece of the Pie

How Visual Content Helps Hostels Grab Their Piece of the Pie

The first impression a hostel makes on guests goes a long way towards earning the repeat business of travelers. Hostels are well-known as inexpensive lodging choices, so these businesses often use eye-catching visual content to stand out from similar establishments. Visual storytelling is an essential marketing tool for hostels to grab a “piece of the pie” in their business sector. Travelers that stay in hostels are more concerned about “the experience” of staying at the establishment rather than luxurious amenities. Successful hostels update and enhance their graphics on a regular basis to make each stay a new experience for guests. To make the image updating process more efficient, hostels find it easier to manage and distribute images to their various locations using an image distribution platform.

Visual Storytelling Entices Young Travelers to Hostels

Visual storytelling succeeds in enticing young travelers for a number of reasons:

  • There is an old saying that says “Show, Don’t Tell”. This means businesses should grab the attention of customers through eye-catching visuals instead of boring their potential customers with a lot of flowery text.
  • The message behind the image is just as important as the design. The use of exceptional images doesn’t matter if the message behind them is not properly delivered. Branding the hostel through visual content makes travelers want to stay at the establishment and learn more about its story.
  • Young travelers are social media savvy and want to share their experiences with others on platforms that are heavy on visuals such as Instagram. Unique visual content is a key factor in their decision about where to stay while on the road.

IcePortal’s Image Distribution Platform for Hostels

IcePortal’s image distribution platform makes it easy for hostels to manage and distribute custom made visual content that provides visual storytelling opportunities. Images that are uploaded into our CMS are automatically added to the client digital asset library and converted to smaller sizes for future print projects or for use on the web. In addition, the IcePortal offers an advanced search tool that allows authorized users to search topics related to the business that can be shared with their team as well as with others across the country that work for the hostel. Easy image access and easy image storage, all in one place, make the IcePortal image distribution system and Digital Asset Library excellent tools for creating visual content that makes hostels stand out from the crowd and win the business of young travelers.

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