An effective call-to-action is crucial in getting online consumers to do what you want to them do. This is especially true when getting travelers to book a room at your property via your hotel website. The following tips will help you to craft a call-to-action that will entice consumers to click further:

1. Provoke enthusiasm. Get your audience excited about the thought of clicking through to your booking engine. For example, “Start planning your dream resort experience now.”

2. Create a sense of urgency. Like the previous example, using terms like “now” or “today” will help to entice consumers to click further.

3. Make it stand out. Make sure that your call-to-action stands out from the rest of the content on your page and is easy to see.

4. Additionally, place your call-to-action above the fold of your page so it cannot be missed.

5. Use only one across all channels. Rather than using multiple phrases to call your audience to action – via your hotel website, social media platforms, promotional emails etc. – keep it consistent so that the message sticks with them and compels them to click.

Following these steps will push consumers in the right direction and can increase direct bookings on your hotel website.

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