Managing ways to create hotel direct bookings isn’t always easy, as people’s desires for what they want in a hotel always vary.  Close monitoring and understanding of your target audience is extremely important to know what the majority are looking for, and what might trigger them to book direct.

Although many things take place, we are here to tell you how you can surely trigger a big chunk of your consumers through the use of your visuals!

Hotel Visuals Sizes

According to Econsultancy, a mega-sized background image lowered visitor bounce rates by 27%, plus it increased leads generated by 36%.

Take for example the website of The James Hotels –in this case The James Royal Palm in Miami- and notice how enticing the booking site looks. The slideshow displays an amazing number of photos that encompass the featured areas of the hotel that might interest their specific audience, which in this case it seems to be travelers seeking relaxation and romance.

the james royal palm

In addition to that, a case study done by Visual Optimizer states that larger images increased sales by 9.46%.

This statistic can apply to most images that you show on your hotel website. I know I often get frustrated whenever I want to book a room and don’t have the availability to increase the size of the image. Thus, I am forced to lean closer to the monitor just to get a good intake on what the room looks like, or what’s in it.

Don’t scare them – lure them

Consumer’s get annoyed easily… don’t scare them away with such a simple thing as photos! 

It’s also important to keep these images relevant. Again, research your audience. ExactTarget found that relevant images increase your number of leads by 40.18%. With this it is safe to say that not just any image will increase your probabilities of creating a direct booking. If the image does not provide value to the consumer, they will scan through it and will not be enticed by it, hence feeling indifferent.

An additional interesting survey was made by Software Advice , an online firm that researches reservation systems, on how certain incentives make consumers choose hotel direct bookings. Based on these, you can also use images to give your incentives an extra boost!

For example, the survey shows that room upgrades are the most preferred incentives, desired by 48% of consumers. If you show compelling and clear images of the difference in the original room and the upgraded one –i.e. showcasing the living room or the better view in the upgraded room-, and why an upgrade might better suite their desires, you might be able to convert even more! On the other hand, if you’re offering a free meal, make sure to market the photos (or other interactive media) of your restaurants succulent meals.

So, basically, know your audience and give them what they want!!

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