Lifestyle-Hotels Storytelling With Hotel Image Management

Lifestyle hotels are back and growing faster than ever. In fact, lifestyle hotels grew by an impressive 7% in 2012 alone. Over the next few years, the demand continued to grow. In 2017, the sector grew over 11%. Bookings have continued to grow as well. Between November 2015 and October 2017, bookings at lifestyle hotels in the US grew 43%.

What’s causing this unprecedented growth? Consumers want a more luxurious experience and they’re not shy about letting hotels know about it. They want more authenticity. They want experiences that transcend what is just expected. They want to create their own stories.

With hotel image management, lifestyle hotels have the ability to tell a story that fills consumers with excitement, a sense of adventure, and unbridled joy. Unfortunately, taking advantage of this powerful tool is something that most lifestyle hotels fail to capitalize on. In order to get the most out of your storytelling, you need a hotel digital asset management designed to provide high-quality images in key moments of your customer’s journey.

Hotel Digital Asset Management Is Crucial For Storytelling

Without high-quality images in your stories, your hotel will blend in with the rest of the hotel noise. With hotel digital asset management, you’ll have access to images that can not only capture a consumer’s attention, but create an experience that will have them yearning for more. With hotel digital asset management, you can:

  • Build a consistent brand image across all channels increasing trust and recognition
  • Give cross-department employees access to the same assets
  • Create key backups to ensure your best media will always be there when you need it

Hotel Storytelling Images With IcePortal

With IcePortal, we know how important high-quality images are to a story. Without the right images, you’re just another place to sleep. We know that’s not the case. Your hotel is more than just a place for guests to rest their heads. It’s an experience, an adventure, a story to tell. With IcePortal, you’ll have access to our vast digital asset library that has:

  • The same functionality as the ICE CMS for fluidity and consistency
  • All digital assets easily organized, shared and tracked
  • Maximum control with customizable roles and permissions

This will give you access to everything you need to tell your hotel’s story.

Storytelling is essential in today’s crowded marketplace. IcePortal’s digital asset management can help you tell your story to all of your future guests.

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