Travelers have all different types of motivations for travel. Once you determine a particular consumer’s travel personality type you can effectively market travel to them by considering their motives and preferences. Choice Hotels recently released the results from its annual summer travel survey which break down the different personality archetypes of American travelers and what they are looking for in a trip.

Experience Travelers (26%): These travelers care most about the activities they are engaging in while on a trip. Marketing the exciting experiences of a location to these particular people will grab their attention and entice them to book.

Budget Travelers (19%): This category considers those who want to get the most bang for their buck while traveling. Highlight deals and special offers when marketing to these travelers.

Luxury Travelers (16%): This group likes to live it up while traveling and prefers high-end treatment. When appealing to these travelers, showcase luxurious restaurants and the best shopping.

Nature Travelers (9%): These travelers enjoy outdoor experiences like camping, hiking and fishing. Showing them their options to explore nature while visiting a particular destination will catch their eye.

Local Travelers (9%): Exploring the local scene and experiencing the culture of a destination is most important to these travelers. Finding ways to highlight an authentic experience will strike their interest.

Social Travelers (8%): These are the people who care most about posting to social media when it comes to travel. Using consumer data to determine what other interests they have can help travel marketers to understand what to show them in the booking phase. It can also be concluded that social media platforms are an excellent way to reach them.

History Travelers (7%): Experiencing the historical aspects of a destination is what appeals to this group of travelers. The best way to get their attention is to showcase landmarks and experiences where they can learn about a destination’s history and immerse themselves in the culture.

Control Freak Travelers (6%): Make trip planning as stress-free as possible for everyone that you are trying to entice, but especially this group. They are known for organizing and planning out every last detail of their travel.

Travel marketers can gather consumer data in a variety of ways in order to learn about their different audiences. Then, utilizing that data to market to these different travel personalities will be sure to increase interest and bookings.

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