Micro-moments, as defined by Google, “occur when people reflexively turn to a device-increasingly a smartphone- to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.” Google also has broken down these micro-moments in relation to travel booking:

• I-want-to-get-away-moments (dreaming moments): When people are looking for inspiration for a trip

• Time-to-make-a-plan-moments (planning moments): When people have chosen a destination and are looking for dates, flights etc.

• Let’s-book-it-moments (booking moments): When people are ready to book tickets and reserve rooms

• Can’t-wait-to-explore-moments (experiencing moments): When travelers are actually living the trip they’ve planned

Because of the different devices consumers are using to research, plan and book travel, it is useful for travel brands to understand their behavior. This will help to optimize your sites and apps to best fit what they want. Google’s “Travel Booking Trends Revealed in Let’s-Book-It Moments” offers some great statistics on this behavior:

• 31% of leisure travelers and 53% of business travelers have booked travel on a smartphone.

• 94% of leisure travelers switch between devices as they plan or book a trip.

• 46% of travelers with smartphones say they make their decision on mobile, but then book on another device. This is because of the anxiety factor when it comes to booking on a mobile app and also because of the limitations of mobile booking sites and apps.

• 69% of leisure travelers worry that they’re not finding the best price or making the best decision on mobile.

• Just 23% of leisure travelers are confident they can find all the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone that they can on their desktop.

• Over 50% make the switch from mobile to desktop to double-check prices.

• 54% of leisure travelers and 69% business travelers say that mobile limitations or mobile usability are their main reasons for booking on another device.

• 88% of travelers with smartphones would switch to another site or app if yours doesn’t satisfy their needs.

• 52% of travelers with smartphones said they’d switch sites or apps because it takes too long to load.

• 45% would switch if it takes too many steps to book or get desired information.

• Over 33% of mobile travelers who research travel on a smartphone also called to get more information.

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