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Many people are starting to talk about “customer centric” strategies and optimizing the “customer experience.” They want to know individual customers better, and move to more individual customer relationships, and wherever possible, move away from using customer segments. However, companies do not be making these changes. This is bad customer care and bad business.

If individual customer centric strategies were used, and companies began using true individual customer analytics to create one to one dynamic pricing, availability and other interactions, companies could reward known guests with better rates, availability, marketing interactions, customized websites and tailored loyalty programs. Guests with higher lifetime profit potential could be rewarded and retained. This would increase loyalty, allow true one to one marketing and be a necessary step customer relationship optimization.

Profit Optimization Strategies optimizes all of the disciplines that impact profits for the demand side of a company including: marketing, CRM, revenue management, pricing, loyalty programs and distribution. We optimize each area PLUS we optimize how they work together to optimize lifetime customer value and strategic profits. We are knowledgeable industry experts from senior management and not analysts who have never run these areas in a business. We have a patent pending analytics engine for predicting customer future behavior patterns and value.

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