Six Things Hoteliers Can Do to Boost Online Hotel ROI

Six Things Hoteliers Can Do to Boost Online Hotel ROI

No matter how much success a hotel has attracting guests, there is always a need to increase online hotel ROI to earn back the time and money spent on hotel marketing. Here are six steps hoteliers can follow to boost their online ROI:

  • Website landing page that creates an emotional connection – Avoid giving guests graphics and content that don’t speak to their interests or reflect the hotel branding.
  • Call to action gives website visitors a reason to remain on your website – Give them “online only” specials or an online offer they mention when they book a room.
  • Mobile friendly graphics – Customers spend as much time on their phones booking hotel rooms as they do on their computer. Optimize your graphics to ensure they display properly, and are interactive, for mobile customers.
  • Virtual hotel tour – Guests appreciate a hotel gallery page that showcases the look and feel of the building while also showing the benefits of booking a hotel stay.
  • Website scalability – Make sure the website has the ability to grow and accommodate future online and revenue needs of the hotel.
  • Evaluate and identify profitable channels – Study the analytics of the website to properly identify the marketing channel that brings the highest returns and move resources to focus on that channel (and even higher hotel ROI).

6 Hotel Marketing Things Tactics Hoteliers Should Be Doing

For effective hotel marketing, follow these six steps to success:

  • Understand your niche – Once you determine if you are a themed hotel or a general hotel, brand online accordingly to reach the right audience.
  • Online website reviews – Ask customers to leave a positive review on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Guests are always interested in hearing about the experiences of others during their hotel stay.
  • Take advantage of the “selfie generation” – Hotel graphics and art pieces grab the attention of guests. Create a custom hashtag to share on social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Cohesive online and onsite branding – Guests are disappointed if they arrive at a hotel and the actual building does not match the graphics they see online. Brand the physical hotel to match the branding presented online to prospective guests.
  • Offer incentives – Offer an incentive that creates a sense of urgency to book online. Examples include a discount on their first booking, a spa certificate or a special at the hotel restaurant.
  • Customer loyalty program – Guests love to feel appreciated so create a loyalty program where they earn points each time they book online.

IcePortal Digital Asset Management

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