Not only are visuals crucial to your hotel’s success on your website and online travel agencies, they play a large part in the impact of your social media posts. Although travelers may not be directly booking their stay through social media sites, it is important to make a good impression on Facebook, Twitter and the like because of the influence they have on purchase behavior.

90% of tourists age 18-24 used Facebook to research and plan their last trip along with 49% of tourists age 65+ (TripBarometer by TripAdvisor.) What this means for hoteliers is that utilizing social media to capture your potential guests’ attention gives you a great deal of control over their choice to book. Since, on average, 94% more total views are attracted by content containing compelling images over content without images (MDG Advertising,) posting quality visuals is the ticket to selling your viewers on your property.

Posting visuals on social media also gives your posts a much higher chance of being shared by other users. As of March 2014, photos posted on Facebook were shared 87% of the time as opposed to all other types of posts being shared 4% of the time or less (Social Bakers.) Shares are extremely important because this directly translates to more eyes on your property. Using high quality visuals will entice your followers to share the posts and give you a bit of “free” advertising.

Another benefit of using photos to grab your audience’s attention is that you can use them as a means to drive travelers to your website. For example, if you are using a photo to promote a restaurant within your hotel, teasing it with a short blurb and providing a link will prompt users to visit your site for more information. Or, promote your latest 360 virtual tour with a link back to your site populated with a stunning visual. More links back to your site are also good for SEO to obtain better hotel online visibility.

Social media is a great way to acquire customers because of its extraordinarily high number of users, so it’s important to take advantage of it. High quality photos and rich media on social media are essential in your hotel marketing strategy. Using these visuals will reinforce your other efforts to achieve better marketing online.

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