Trends are hard to predict in travel. One day a trend can be a hit, the next day it’s left in the dust. 2015 has been an exciting year within travel with the launch of the Apple Watch and the rise of social media within hospitality. Here are 5 trends we think will be here to stay until 2015 and beyond.

1. Pop Culture Tourism

Want to see where your favorite shows are filmed or visit Abbey Road? You’re not alone, travelers are headed to famous destinations where they’re favorite films have been shots and albums have been created. With travelers heading in droves to visit certain cultural destinations worldwide and the tourism industry has taken notice.

2. Hotel Technology

Hotel technology has evolved right before our eyes, with mobile check in, keyless entry and robot butlers. Some hotels provide high tech meeting spaces and promote technology based events in order for guests to interact with eachout. Technology in the next 10 years will change how we interact and enjoy our stay monumentally.

3. Networking 35,000 feet in the air

Networking has taken new heights. Airlines such as Delta and KLM are providing opportunities for passengers to mingle in the air. Delta’s Innovation Class is a mentoring program with leaders in technology, science and the arts. KLM’s Meet and Seat Program allows passengers to choose their seatmates with common interests. Here’s hoping we can write off the flight as a business expense if we’re networking with our seatmate.

4. Your Phone Will Double as a Wallet

Apple Pay was launched in October of last year and has slowly gained traction within the hospitality and tourism sector. Jetblue has recently started accepting the digital wallet service to pay for on board amenities.  Marriott has become the first hotel company to accept Apple Pay for a “virtually effortless” way to pay for a room. We’re excited to see where Apple Pay will go and the brands that will make purchasing travel seamless.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has blown up this year with buzz around the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. Transporting travelers to a destination inspires the dream and inspiration stage of travel like never before. Marriott has recently let guest sample virtual destinations with the Oculus Rift, providing users with a lifelike and interactive world. One ticket to Paris, please!


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