In recent years, messaging apps have become an increasingly popular form of communication between travelers and travel brands. In fact, messaging has been the fastest-growing online behavior within the social landscape over the past five years, surpassing social networks (Skift Magazine, Issue 3: The Megatrends Defining Travel in 2016.) The popularity comes from global travelers’ desire to focus on specific topics in a more intimate setting than tweeting at a brand, for example. Take a look at these stats to understand just how much messaging has taken off:

• WeChat and Facebook Messenger both individually have more global monthly active users than Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest put together. (Skift)
• Social messaging will account for 2.5 billion global users by 2018 (more than the 2 billion general social media users.) (Skift)
• On average, after an app has been installed for 12 months only 11% of users will open it again. 62% of users will use their messaging apps. (Flurry from Yahoo)
• Within the same month of downloading, 36% of average apps retain their users, while 68% of messaging apps retain theirs. (Flurry from Yahoo)
• As of 2015, 75% of internet users worldwide had accessed messaging services on mobile devices. (Statista)

Numerous travel brands are utilizing messaging apps to connect with consumers. If a messaging strategy is not already in place, companies should look into how it can be taken advantage of. Whether it be for customer service purposes or to push content marketing campaigns, messaging gives travelers the connection they want and can go a long way to differentiate your company.

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