We already know that high quality visuals are the key to selling hotel rooms directly and on OTAs. Another way to utilize your hotel visuals is by promoting your property on Pinterest. This social platform is often used by travelers when looking for inspiration for trips, to assist them in the planning stages and even while searching for things to do while on their trip. This gives you an opportunity to show off your establishment and generate re-pins from your audience, gaining even more exposure. Here are some tips on how to use Pinterest to market your hotel:

• Create a board with general photos of your hotel. Use a good variety of photos that capture different aspects of your property for those who want an overview of what they will be getting when they book.

• Create boards that highlight different parts of your hotel. For example, to promote your hotel spa, create a board that showcases the spa itself and perhaps different packages available to guests. Or, if your hotel has a restaurant, create a board showing different drinks and menu items.

• Show your audience the local area. Creating a board with photos of the local music scene, or a board with the historical attractions in your area will help to sell those browsing your page on the location. This will then increase the chance of them booking a room at your hotel.

• Promote local events. If there is a big convention or festival in your local area, create a board to promote it. This can catch the eye of those deciding on a destination or can give those who are traveling to attend the event an idea of where to stay.

• Re-pin content that is relevant to your hotel. For example, user-generated content is great content to re-pin because it shows guests what they can look forward to if they book a room at your hotel. If a guest posts of photo of their family enjoying your hotel pool or if a couple on their honeymoon posts a photo of your hotel’s elegant honeymoon suite, re-pin this content to a board.

• Use Place Pins. This attaches geographic information to a pin to provide further information and value. This can be used by creating a board relevant to your local area. For example, if your hotel is in Miami, you can create a board called “Our Favorite Seafood Restaurants in Miami.” You can then re-pin content from the different restaurants and provide information about where they are to your audience.

• If you are looking to advertise, Pinterest now offers video advertising. Video is a great way to convert consumers, in fact, 67% of travelers use video when choosing a destination and 63% use it when deciding on an accommodation (Think with Google, 2015.)

Following these tips and checking out what other hotels are doing on their Pinterest pages will get you off to a great start when using this platform to market your hotel. Because of the different phases of researching and planning travel, accommodations and activities, hoteliers have a great opportunity to promote their hotel in various ways.

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