Vacation Resorts Using Image Distribution to Protect Brand

Your brand means everything to the success of your resort. With so many options available to consumers, if a resort doesn’t protect its brand, they’ll quickly find guests staying elsewhere. In the quest to protect your brand, image distribution plays a giant role. Unfortunately, not all distribution channels have your best interests in mind.

They might crop your photos to make a preferred size, use photos that have already been deleted, or even decide not to use any at all. Without the control in your hands, you place your brand’s reputation in the hands of the various distribution channels. With IcePortal’s image distribution platform, the power flows back to you.

IcePortal’s CMS For Image Distribution

All the high-quality images in the world won’t make a difference if they aren’t representing your brand in the right light. With IcePortal’s CMS, image distribution has never been easier. You’ll also have the right size, the right # of photos, correct room type and meta-tags mapped for every channel. With IcePortal’s CMS, you can:

  • Know the quality of your visuals via our content score.
  • Curate the images to increase your content score & hence rankings on the OTAs
  • Track images to show you where they are being delivered and their expected display date
  • All from an easy-to-use interface that even your technophobes can figure out

Digital Asset Library Benefits:

A digital asset library can provide everything your company needs to easily manage your resort’s images. You won’t have to worry about having people going to multiple extranets and repositories to make the change manually. This leads to fewer errors and increases the consistency of your brand’s image. With a Digital Asset Library, you can:

  • Enjoy a one-stop shop to store, organize, and share all of your digital assets
  • DAL will automatically convert your images into 6 different sizes for your multiple uses
  • Add custom content folders that can be shared with specific outside partners
  • Save massive amounts of time searching for or recreating unfound assets

Protect your brand today with IcePortal’s services designed to help you succeed.

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