What to Look for in a Visual Content Management System (Part 4/5)

By Brianna Wenner

So far, our series has covered scoring, tagging and tracking within a visual CMS. The fourth part of our series will focus on the importance of having your visuals delivered to channels in the correct specs…

In order for visuals to be delivered to distribution channels to best convert travelers online, they must be delivered to each particular channel in the correct size and format that they require. Your visual CMS should be able to put your visuals into the correct specs for each distributor, saving you time and money.

Additionally, a CMS that delivers your content in the correct language based on the consumer’s location is extremely crucial in marketing your hotel. The more languages your content is available in, the more consumers worldwide your content will reach and potentially convert.

These capabilities are crucial when choosing a visual CMS to distribute your visuals online. Next week, we’ll focus on the importance of having stellar customer support from your CMS provider.

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