Why do brands such as Chanel invest in their showcase?

Many hoteliers face the similar questions: Why is hospitality marketing is so important? Most times, they don’t understand the difference between marketing and sales and end up mixing both.

Portál comes to show what a marketing department is responsible for and why it is so important to invest in this area.

  • The marketing department in a hotel is responsible for: Taking care of the hotel’s image, all PR and brand awareness. This includes public relations, promotional actions (special packages for low season or holidays), intuitional (flyers, manage the hotel visual’s, texts, website, HR communication, videos, etc)
  • The marketing department is also responsible for taking care of customer relations, through email marketing, CRM and social media interactions.
  • Marketing does not promote direct sales. Commercial and sales are responsible for that. Marketing support those areas by increasing the brand awareness and creating & promoting products for the hotel.
  • In some hotels, marketing is responsible for pointing to most appropriate sales channels. tc. In any case, it is important conduct such analysis together with the sales department.

And why is important for hoteliers to invest in a marketing department?

  • To establish trust. The bottom line is: Until his/her check-in in your hotel, he doesn’t really know what he is buying; the best way to minimize this issue is to have a strong marketing strategy.
  •  Because it is mandatory to invest in quality content about your hotel for all marketing materials and all channels. Establishing as much communication with your guest as possible will improve your brand awareness and will make your guest more secure about booking your hotel, driving more sales.
  • Because is crucial to have your visuals up to date, with images of all areas of your hotel such as the lobby, restaurant, pool area, exterior, etc. The quality of those visuals will determine the quality of your sales. The evolution of photography can be compared to the evolution of TV. Think about it: 5 years ago we didn’t have HD TV, now we do and the image is so much better! Photos are similar! When did you do refresh visuals? 5 years ago??!
  • Because you need to brag about it! Marketing your product is as important as having it. There are technology companies specialized in distributing visual content to OTA’s, search engines and social media. Your marketing manager will know about it and will take advantage of this money maker tool.
  • Because your marketing’s department is the one who takes care of your showcase. Either on a flyer, an email marketing campaign or your website. Marketing manages everything about your hotel on all channels you are being exposed to.
  • Because only with a well done marketing strategy you will see results of your efforts; either they are a digital campaign, social media marketing or a magazine ad.

Portál invites you hoteliers to add your comments about hospitality marketing and how it helps your hotel to achieve your goals!

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